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Helios Solar Glass® Camera Filters - Threaded


If you want to capture stunning images of the sun and its features, you need a solar filter that is made with the best materials and technology. That’s why we offer you our Helios Solar Glass® solar filter, which is the ultimate choice for solar photography. Helios Solar Glass® is a optical quality glass that has a special coating on both sides that blocks 99.999% of the sun’s harmful rays, making it safe for your eyes and your camera. The glass is also very durable and resistant to scratches and damage. Helios Solar Glass has a high resolution that gives you a clear and crisp view of the sun. You can see the sun’s surface details, such as sunspots and granulation, as well as spectacular events, such as solar eclipses and planet transits. The sun will appear in a beautiful yellow-orange color that will enhance your photos. Our solar filter is easy to use and fits most camera lenses. It has a threaded design that allows you to screw it onto the front of your lens securely. You can check the filter size that matches your lens by looking at the symbol on the front of the lens or the lens cap. With our Helios Solar Glass® solar filter, you can enjoy the sun’s beauty and power without any risk or hassle.
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